The Senior Class

Splitting at the Seams

Currently keeping the holiday blues at bay by googling my Art Historical crush, Gordon Matta Clark (or, as I like to call him, Gordon HOT-ta Clark).  Because nothing’s sexier than a man with a full head of hair who splits houses in half:

Gordon, RIP, but if you were still alive I would totally be stalking your Twitter and imagining meet-cutes involving you teaching me how to use power tools.  And daydreaming about running my fingers through your mop top.  Lots and lots of hair-petting, Gordo.

Sometimes when you’re not gonna see your mom on Christmas and your boyfriend just left the country for two weeks and you were kind of bitchy to him right before he left and are totally feeling guilty about it, you just need a little eye (and mind) candy in the form of a genius conceptual artist from the 1970s. 

Happy holidays, errybody!

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I’ll Know I’ve “Made It” When…

I can make a living doing the things that I love.
I have a museum membership.
I do classy stuff like “go to the theatre” or “buy organic produce” on a regular basis.
I own a dog.
I live without roommates.
I have a window box filled with brightly-colored flowers.
I’m in love with someone (and they love me too, of course).
I have a bookshelf full of gorgeous art books.
I can go on a Real Vacation once a year (visiting family doesn’t count).
I never have to trim my own bangs.
I’ve made a name for myself as a writer.

I feel like this is a pretty simple “dream life”– I don’t need dinners at trendy restaurants, champagne-soaked soirees, or a wardrobe from Barneys. I’m not asking for a fancy car, hair extensions, or even my own washer and dryer (although that would certainly be nice). I feel like I’m about 40% “there” in terms of achieving my list– maybe not having totally realized any of the goals above, but having dabbled in all of them. I may not have a MoMA membership or non-crooked bangs, but I manage to live a life that includes lots of creativity, affection, and simple pleasures. I think that this is a great spot to be in for a 25 year old.

Pretty Penniless

Are you reading my articles on Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website?  Well, you should be.  I offer nuggets of wisdom on fashion, work, dating, entertainment, and life in general… all while living on a budget.  All of the other writers are really awesome, too, and Broke Stu even has his own TV show on IFC Channel!  In the words of the King of Broketude, “You are young, broke, and beautiful.” 

Check me out!

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My Birthday Wish

Anyone who even moderately knows me has probably heard me talk about how proud I am to be an August-born (Double!) Leo.  Leos are the best– we’re super fun, have great hair, are really affectionate… and are self-obsessed with fragile egos (a minor flaw in an otherwise perfect gemstone).  Anyway, I could go on-and-on talking about the wonders of my leonine Sun sign– but I won’t because it would just play into that whole “self-obsessed” mumbo jumbo (but seriously– ME!  I’M AWESOME!)  Anyway, this post is about more important things.  It’s about my birthday wish.

Now, I’m not one to be all about birthday presents– I’m more about personal growth, the aknowledgement of the passing of time, and all of that other garbage.  On the eve of my 25th year, I will get all philosophical and think about past-present-future.  But, I mean, if you do want to buy me a present, you can get me this:

In gray, size small, please.  I gotta rep Bonnie Lu Laven (RIP), my first dog and childhood best friend from ages 0-14.  Bonnie was super smart, sassy, and could jump crazyyyy high to catch a frisbee in her mouth (she had the chipped teeth to prove it).  She was the perfect size and the perfect dog, and I still sometimes think about when we would get her shaved in the summer and she would come back all embarrassed by her new haircut and the purple bandana that the dog groomer put around her neck (typical tomboy).  And because there will never be another friend like Bonnie in my life, I want this sweatshirt to commemorate her– I don’t care if I’ll evoke an air of “middle-aged virgin who still lives at home and wears running shoes with skirts” while sporting it.  I’m pretty confident that if anyone can pull this thing off, it’s me(ugh, there goes my Double Leo narcissisim again).  And it’s educational!  I can’t wait to wear the origins of my fair Bonnie lass across my quarter-century-old chest.  I hope that my birthday wish comes true!

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Words to Live By

I’m freaking out because I’m turning 25 in eight days and this summer has been weird and it seems like everyone I know has been going through some sort of drama/transitional state.  I last had this feeling a few years ago, when I had just graduated college and was going through my Identity Crisis of ’09.  What helps during times like this?  For me– gettin’ Zenned out at yoga and meditation classes (I’m gonna start going again), finding a new hobby (I’m between plam reading and finally trying to figure out how to use Twitter), and finding those “Words to Live By” (personal mantras that let you know that everything is gonna be alright).  Here are the inspirational quotes that have been running through my head recently– spoken by both friends and strangers, and resonating with my life as of late:

“Keep it real”:  Even though having the right shoes or the right hair or the right job title might seem really important at times– news flash– it ain’t.  Just do what you like, do the best that you can at it, and don’t give a shit.  Be complex, but simple.  Love physical things, but not as status symbols.  Work hard, but don’t solely let money or glamour drive your ambitions.  Be emotionally open to Real Shit happening in your Real Life.  Stop pretending that you’re on Sex & The City or whatever.

“You can’t polish a turd”:  You can make a Heaven out of Hell, but you can’t make a diamond out of a lump of poo.  (see how I combined Milton and bathroom humor there?  PoMo.).  Flush all of the waste in your life down that figurative toilet.  Cut out anything toxic, you don’t need it. 

“I need some fresh Weird in my life”:  Because who wants stale Weird?  Keep experiences new and interesting.  Always try new things and step out of your comfort zone.  Get weird, because it’s way more fun and freeing than being a Normal.

“Bitches love tapas”:  They do!

Okay, that’s about as self-helpy as I get.  Take these inspirational words, appropriate them to fit within your own life, and live happily.  As for me, I’m heading over to my free meditation class later.

Namaste, fools.

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My New Love: Daily Codi

I’m starting to think I should just move to Korea already.  There’s something about the quirky-cuteness factor of everyone who hails from that country that just… I don’t know, speaks to me.  Recently, my gorgeous and talented friend Yina Kim turned me on to the “Queen of Grandma/Thrift Fashion in Korea”‘s fashion blog, and OMG am I obsessed.  Daily Codi is awesome!  She posts videos and tons of great photos and the layout of her blog transports you to her crazy grandma-chic world and keeps you exploring for hours.  Not to mention that Codi herself is a total vision in a disheveled bowl haircut and sweat pants, making a “confused” face in every picture.  I kind of want to be her.  In a perfect world, one day I will meet Codi and we will become BFFs and go thrifting for Hawaiian shirts and ill-fitting skirts together.  Until then, I have her blog.  Check it out!

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Pretty Much Everything I Hope To Be

I’m lovin’ this slideshow on Refinery29 today.  These ladies are stylish, sassy, and so goddamn elegant it brings a tear to my 24-year-old, non-crow’s-foot-rimmed eye.  I can only hope to be this GORGE when I am in my seventies.  But why wait?  I’m gonna steal some of their style tricks and live in the Now.  Orange headwraps, green nail polish, and sunglasses for life, BAY-BAYYY!

Image via Refinery 29