Splitting at the Seams

by carrielaven

Currently keeping the holiday blues at bay by googling my Art Historical crush, Gordon Matta Clark (or, as I like to call him, Gordon HOT-ta Clark).  Because nothing’s sexier than a man with a full head of hair who splits houses in half:

Gordon, RIP, but if you were still alive I would totally be stalking your Twitter and imagining meet-cutes involving you teaching me how to use power tools.  And daydreaming about running my fingers through your mop top.  Lots and lots of hair-petting, Gordo.

Sometimes when you’re not gonna see your mom on Christmas and your boyfriend just left the country for two weeks and you were kind of bitchy to him right before he left and are totally feeling guilty about it, you just need a little eye (and mind) candy in the form of a genius conceptual artist from the 1970s. 

Happy holidays, errybody!

All images via: Secretforts