I’ll Know I’ve “Made It” When…

by carrielaven

I can make a living doing the things that I love.
I have a museum membership.
I do classy stuff like “go to the theatre” or “buy organic produce” on a regular basis.
I own a dog.
I live without roommates.
I have a window box filled with brightly-colored flowers.
I’m in love with someone (and they love me too, of course).
I have a bookshelf full of gorgeous art books.
I can go on a Real Vacation once a year (visiting family doesn’t count).
I never have to trim my own bangs.
I’ve made a name for myself as a writer.

I feel like this is a pretty simple “dream life”– I don’t need dinners at trendy restaurants, champagne-soaked soirees, or a wardrobe from Barneys. I’m not asking for a fancy car, hair extensions, or even my own washer and dryer (although that would certainly be nice). I feel like I’m about 40% “there” in terms of achieving my list– maybe not having totally realized any of the goals above, but having dabbled in all of them. I may not have a MoMA membership or non-crooked bangs, but I manage to live a life that includes lots of creativity, affection, and simple pleasures. I think that this is a great spot to be in for a 25 year old.