My Birthday Wish

by carrielaven

Anyone who even moderately knows me has probably heard me talk about how proud I am to be an August-born (Double!) Leo.  Leos are the best– we’re super fun, have great hair, are really affectionate… and are self-obsessed with fragile egos (a minor flaw in an otherwise perfect gemstone).  Anyway, I could go on-and-on talking about the wonders of my leonine Sun sign– but I won’t because it would just play into that whole “self-obsessed” mumbo jumbo (but seriously– ME!  I’M AWESOME!)  Anyway, this post is about more important things.  It’s about my birthday wish.

Now, I’m not one to be all about birthday presents– I’m more about personal growth, the aknowledgement of the passing of time, and all of that other garbage.  On the eve of my 25th year, I will get all philosophical and think about past-present-future.  But, I mean, if you do want to buy me a present, you can get me this:

In gray, size small, please.  I gotta rep Bonnie Lu Laven (RIP), my first dog and childhood best friend from ages 0-14.  Bonnie was super smart, sassy, and could jump crazyyyy high to catch a frisbee in her mouth (she had the chipped teeth to prove it).  She was the perfect size and the perfect dog, and I still sometimes think about when we would get her shaved in the summer and she would come back all embarrassed by her new haircut and the purple bandana that the dog groomer put around her neck (typical tomboy).  And because there will never be another friend like Bonnie in my life, I want this sweatshirt to commemorate her– I don’t care if I’ll evoke an air of “middle-aged virgin who still lives at home and wears running shoes with skirts” while sporting it.  I’m pretty confident that if anyone can pull this thing off, it’s me(ugh, there goes my Double Leo narcissisim again).  And it’s educational!  I can’t wait to wear the origins of my fair Bonnie lass across my quarter-century-old chest.  I hope that my birthday wish comes true!

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