My New Love: Daily Codi

by carrielaven

I’m starting to think I should just move to Korea already.  There’s something about the quirky-cuteness factor of everyone who hails from that country that just… I don’t know, speaks to me.  Recently, my gorgeous and talented friend Yina Kim turned me on to the “Queen of Grandma/Thrift Fashion in Korea”‘s fashion blog, and OMG am I obsessed.  Daily Codi is awesome!  She posts videos and tons of great photos and the layout of her blog transports you to her crazy grandma-chic world and keeps you exploring for hours.  Not to mention that Codi herself is a total vision in a disheveled bowl haircut and sweat pants, making a “confused” face in every picture.  I kind of want to be her.  In a perfect world, one day I will meet Codi and we will become BFFs and go thrifting for Hawaiian shirts and ill-fitting skirts together.  Until then, I have her blog.  Check it out!

Image via Daily Codi