Who Needs a Real Cat? Instead, Try One of These Cuties

by carrielaven

Ever since my step mom gave me this Laurel Burch cat-face coin purse that she got from god-knows-where, I’ve been totally diggin’ on the idea of getting more LB gear.  Laurel Burch stuff just says, “neurotic, menopausal middle school art teacher in Berkeley, CA” so perfectly– which, coincidentally, is also one of favorite looks to try to pull off.   I mean, look at this lady.  She was perfect:

LB knew what she loved– cats, colors, and quirk– and stuck to it.  She did her thang and made no apologies for presumably only being able to paint new age felines.  Or maybe she just understood the importance of branding and consistency, in which case, she was also a gold-star businesswoman.  Either way, I am all about her merch.

Pretty sure that I am going to buy the long-strap version of my kittyface coin purse– because, hell-o, it will add just the right amount of ridiculousness to any outfit– but I’m honestly exercising an insane amount of self-restraint by not blowing my wad on this treasure of a website.  What’s with me and the mid-90s, crystal-healer, late-in-life-lesbian, picketing-on-Telegraph Ave. look, lately?