Senior Class Reading List: Simon Doonan’s Eccentric Glamour

by carrielaven

All Senior Class readers should also follow the teachings of one fashion master, and stylish-over-fifty man: Barney’s Creative Director, New York Observer columnist, and best-selling author Simon Doonan. I’ve been a fan of The Doon for many years now, and particularly enjoy his books about women’s style. My favorite? Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You, a book which encourages women to express themselves through their personal style, even if it is a bit… er, crazy. Simon-My-Love presents plenty of helpful tips on discovering said style, which he claims ultimately stems from one of three personality traits– “Gypsy,” “Existentialist,” or “Socialite.” He also includes entertaining interviews with many real-world glamorous eccentrics such as the amahhzing Lynn Yaeger and Dita von Teese. The best part of the book? Doonan’s witty writing, which includes treasures such as: “The pelts of predators always give the impression that you are a man-stealing, window-smashing home wrecker… The message of a leopard-print jumpsuit is clear, ‘I am a huntress who delights in eating the offal of her prey.’” And he doesn’t mean this as a bad thing. What a dreamboat! Bashing the ubiquitous “porno chic” look of highlights and fake tans, Doonan encourages all women to find their inner eccentrics and look outside of convention when dressing themselves, just as this blog seeks to do. Do yourself a favor, pick up the book, and read it. You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing at—and nodding in agreement with– lines like this: “Knowing who you really are and dressing the part — with an air of amused recklessness — is life affirming for you and life enhancing for other people.” You say it, Doonan! Vive la wackiness!